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Our Strength

Group Synergies

In the near and far reaches surrounding the Earth, countless celestial bodies whiz through space. The Mainami Group comprises 8 companies encompassing 6 lines of business. Like the planets revolving around the Earth, the Group companies revolve around Mainami Holdings. Sometimes in opposition, sometimes in tandem, the Mainami Group companies create a galaxy of opportunities.

No form is perfect forever, however. Our operations continue to evolve and change in response to outside forces. It is imperative that we nurture existing operations while promoting promising business ventures to ensure growth.

The Group is expanding into more open markets and opportunities, moving out from Japan to other parts of Asia and beyond. As we prepare for a vibrant future, we are leveraging the teamwork within the Group to establish a substantially greater presence. Ten can become the power of 20. We call it Mainami Synergy.


Aviation Division

Fukuoka Fuel Facilities Co., Ltd., Osaka Hydrant Co., Ltd. and Mainami Aviation Services Co., Ltd. oversee airplane refueling services, operation of aviation refueling facilities and more at Japan’s major airports.

Petroleum Product Division

Yuni Co., Ltd. complement the sale of general petroleum products with manufacturing and processing of specialized petroleum products.

Logistics Division

Fukuoka Fuel Logistics Co., Ltd. and Osaka Fuel Logistics Co., Ltd. transport aviation fuel and general petroleum products.

Information and Publishing Division

Wing Aviation Press Co., Ltd. publishes and distributes aerospace-and overseas travel-related newspapers and pamphlets.

Business Development Division

Mainami Trading Co., Ltd. have been appointed distributor to import and sell some of the most advanced technologies representing companies.

Real Estate Management Division

Mainami Trading Co., Ltd. leases and manages the head office’s building and other freehold property.

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