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Petroleum Product Division

Petroleum Product Division

Petroleum Product Division

In today’s society, petroleum is much more than an important energy source. As a raw material for the chemical industry, it is widely used in many areas. The Mainami Group’s Petroleum Product Division comprises Yuni. Through the companies, the Group markets gasoline, lubricants, asphalt and other general petroleum products throughout Japan.

The asphalt that is marketed by Yuni comes in many forms, ranging from paving asphalt to high-spec asphalt. It is used in many ways, as pavement material, waterproofing material, automotive vibration-suppressors, soft-ground deep foundations and more. In recent years, the product has been attracting attention as a material for the slip layers of deep foundations, which offset the effects of earthquakes and ground subsistence on large buildings, bridge pillars, breakwaters and floodgates. Mellow Asphalt, the product name for the company’s decolorized asphalt, is used at parks, religious facilities, cycling tracks and so on, to balance the need for pavement with the need for an attractive appearance and thereby provide a comfortable environment for both adults and children.

Yuni is committed to taking on new challenges and upgrading, as it aims to ensure a stable supply of high-quality petroleum products.

Yuni Co.,Ltd.

Marketing and sales of various petroleum and petrochemical products, principally asphalt; sales and marketing of resources that are related to the environment and energy conservation
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